Terms & Conditions

Onboost Auto Parts retain the ownership of all goods supplied until paid in full by the customer.

No refunds are issued on all parts, purchased at Onboost Auto Parts - Parts will not be recognised after 7 days of invoice date, store credit will only be issued on parts recognised within 7 days

Goods supplied are as per customer’s specifications. We accept no responsibility for parts incorrectly supplied unless the engine and chassis number are quoted at the time of ordering. Onboost Auto Parts is not liable for any consequential loss, damage or loss of income because of the failure of the goods sold. Payments of goods will be accepted in cash, Mastercard, Visa Card, Direct deposit, Cash on Delivery, or by 30 day settlement for approved account holders for which company cheques are acceptable. We do not accept personal cheques. American express is not accepted.
All credit card payment made by the purchaser, & accepted by Onboost Auto Parts, it is agreed that any charge back does not occur under any merchant agreement, any resolution dispute are to


1. Warranty will be void on any goods tampered with, dismantled, altered, fitted, painted or damaged, and they will not be acceptable for credit.
2. On boost Auto Parts offers a part only replacement warranty from the date of purchase on used parts as set out below;
Reconditioned parts - 12 Months (Labour is cover on reconditioned items only.)
Mechanical parts - Engine 30 Days, Gearbox 30 Days (Does not cover broken gears) unless specified by Onboost Auto Parts Management
Electrical parts - 7 Days
Fuel accessories - 7 Days
3. Optional extended warranty purchased from On boost Auto Parts at the time of sales of goods/services is subject to the condition of the extended warranty listed on the invoices/contract for a period of stated on the invoice/contract. Normal warranty condition apply except where stated otherwise.
4. Engines and gearboxes are sold as long bare. For convenience accessories may be left on but are not covered under warranty and are not guaranteed to be correct for the model. On boost Auto Parts strongly recommended
5. Warranty is void if parts are tampered with or dismantled. Items returned under warranty must be complete as sold and accompanied with an original invoice of purchase.
6. On boost Auto Parts will not cover any unauthorised repairs without our written consent. Any repairs carried out without our written consent will be at the customer’s own expense and may void the warranty.
7. Warranty for major mechanical items will be void if there is a failure or defect caused by one of the following:
A. Improper installation or incorrect application
B Failure to carry our correct maintenance
C. Overheating or overloading
D. Unauthorised repairs, alterations or dismantling
E. Insufficient or incorrect oil and/or lubricants
F. Misuse, negligence or accidents
8. In the event of any claim being declined, On boost Auto Parts reserves the right to recover any out of pocket expenses incurred. Reimbursements by the customer will be required prior to use returning parts.
9. In the event of any signs of malfunction, it is the customer’s responsibly to cease operation and advise On boost Auto Parts immediately. Failure to comply with this condition may result in further serious damage and void any warranty entitlement. In the event that a part has been replaced under warranty the warranty period will be deemed to be from the date of the original invoice.
10. On Boost Auto Parts will deem warranty to be void for the following;
A. All Statutory/Repairable written off vehicles sold complete as a rolling shell
B. All rolling shells and parts supplied used for off-road or race track purposes
C. All parts fitted into non OEM specified vehicles (ie, Honda complete motor conversions fitted into Toyota vehicle but not limited to make or model specified)
D. Non OEM modifications done to OEM Parts.

1. Loss and damage in transit s at burers’ risk unless covered by insurance at customer cost at the time of ordering 2. Visible damage or loss must be clearly noted on carrier’s deliver reciepts. Claims must be made on the appropriate carrier or insurance company within 48 hours by advising our office.
1. Goods not required must be returned within 5 business days at the expense of the purchaser. All returns are subject to a 25% handling fee. 2. Any goods tampered with, altered, fitted, painted or damaged, will not be acceptable for credit. 3. A copy of the original invoice is to be presented with any goods returned. , accompanied with a reason written on the invoice why goods have been returned. 4 Freight is to be prepaid by the customer on all returns. 5. A Delivery charge will be incurred for all incorrectly ordered items required for pickup 6. For all outer metropolitan and interstate deliveries the following applies: A. Goods are not to be returned via the courier that has just delivered the goods as you will be liable for all costs. B. All goods to be returned must have an RA number (return Authorisation). Unless these procedures are adhered to On boost Auto Parts will not be liable for any freight charges incurred. 7. Specially ordered parts, cut body sections, and electrical items are not returnable for credit. 8. Electrical parts and fuel accessories cannot be returned unless faulty or incorrectly supplied for which On boost Auto Parts will resupply the part under normal warranty conditions. These items are not returnable for credit. 9. On boost Auto Parts reserves the right to use the carrier of their choice for delivery or returns. 10. No refunds are issued on all parts, purchased at Onboost Auto Parts - Parts will not be recognised after 7 days of invoice date, store credit will only be issued on parts recognised within 7 days
On boost Auto Parts Strongly recommend that all filters, seals, water pumps, timing belts to be replaced as warranty does not cover oil leaks, water pump failure, broken timing belts or consequential damage as a result of failure of one of these items.